Monday, March 26, 2012

Yellow Console Table for Master Bedroom

The table has been cut in half and the final top coat has been applied!

I started off with this table purchased for $30

and this wall ...

Sanded - Wiped down with microfiber cloth - Primed it - foam roller on top and brushed the legs -

David cut it at 14" depth (plenty of clearance for the room) with a jigsaw

Primer was lightly sanded and wiped down with microfiber cloth - Then it was painted with Sherwin William Pro Classic Overjoy with XIM extender - It took three coats

I want to keep the bedroom fairly neutral, so most of the furniture will be wood or gray, but a pop of color was needed in the corner.

The tv was wall mounted - cords run through the wall (our internet router is on the other side so no need for wireless adapter for the tv - $80 saved!)


When David and I were talking about how to hide the wires - we designed a panel to go behind the tv and table, but ultimately decided that it would be easier and cheaper to run the wires through the wall

The table is currently supporting itself, but will be attached to the wall with an angle bracket for added support. 

I still think this corner looks unfinished - we are in the process of designing/making a stencil to go on the table or wall or both ... 

The poppy and lavender are from our little patio garden - fresh flowers in the house makes me :) 

I have also decided that the other half of the table will be going in the entry way - color to be determined 

Check back soon for updates on the stencil! 


  1. How brilliant. This is fabulous. The pop of color is amazing too.

  2. Wouldn't it be cool to saw a ladder back chair in half and put a piece on each side?

  3. Beautiful! I love the yellow...and yellow poppies are just my favorite.

  4. Where did u get the baskets?

    1. They are from Ikea (about a year ago :)

  5. What did you use to hang it on the wall?

    1. Hi Whitney! We used angle brackets similar to this


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